Age vs Stage - What's More Important?

You probably know that you have different types of customers, and that it makes sense to group them somehow. After all, segmenting your customers makes your marketing more efficient - you'll be able to customize your campaigns to work most efficiently for each group.

So what's more important, customer age or customer stage?
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Well, customer age can be a useful measurement - after all, you're going to pitch your messaging differently if most of your customers are over 65 than if most of them are under 21. It's also great to know your customers' birthdays so you can send them special promotions.

But wouldn't it be more practical to know if, for example, your 35-year-old customer is...

...a new parent?
...a full-time college student?
...a newlywed?
...just started a new job?
...taking care of an elderly parent?
...CEO of a large company?
...recently retired?

Wouldn't it be much more useful to know this information, rather than the age of your customer?

This is why lifestage is so important. Understanding where your customers are right now will help you craft offerings that resonate far better than anything else you might try simply based on customer age.

So how you do you find out what lifestage people are in?

The best way is by far the simplest- just ask.

Are you in the stage of life where you need some marketing help? Let me know.

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