Sometimes, the Best Answer is "More!"

My neighbor recently wrote and published a book about better leadership for people in charge of Boy Scout Troops. He's sold half his first print run (hooray!), but he still has half to go. He asked me for some marketing advice. Here's what I asked him...

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Where is your book for sale?
It's selling on Amazon and he's set up a web site where folks can buy it too. So far, so good.

Is it visible to search engines?
Yes - it's one of the top few results if people search on "scout leadership." Even better.

How are you promoting it?
On his Facebook profile, which is also good. I suggested he look into a Facebook ad. He can set up the ad to target people who have "Boy Scouts" as an interest, and target by age range and geography if he wants, too.

What about the press?
He's been interviewed about the book, and the person who interviewed him recorded it as a podcast, which is fantastic. In fact, many of his sales are coming from people who listened to the podcast.

This is key.
We now know a that a primary motivator for sales is this podcast, so we need to find ways to get this content to more people. He's got a link to it on his web site. I suggested he add it to Facebook too, and ask others to link to it, which brings me to my next point....

What about the blogosphere?
There are blogs about everything, including Boy Scout leadership. My neighbor has had some positive reviews from bloggers, which is also great. He needs to reach out to more of them and ask them to review his book and link to the podcast. I also advised him to offer to guest blog for these folks - bloggers are always looking for content and a guest blogger can provide a blocked or busy writer with a much-needed break.

So, what's the lesson here?
My neighbor has been doing a great job marketing his book through multiple channels, and to sell the second half of his print run, he needs to just do more of the same - more interviews, more blogs, more links. My advice to him - just do more.

What about you?
Which of your marketing channels seems to bring in the most sales? Is most of your sales traffic from a radio ad? A coupon? Your blog? Your Facebook page? Whatever channel leads to the most sales is the one you want to try and drive more traffic to.

Not so sure what's working or how to measure it? I can help. Drop me a line.

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