Marketing News Roundup - May 13, 2011

What's new in marketing this week?

Edgy new marketing technique or bad idea? Planet Fitness purposely rolls out campaign to make fun of people who work out a lot, offending (suprise) people who like to work out a lot at Planet Fitness. There's a backlash coming from folks who actually do like to pick things up and put them down. (Slate)

San Telmo News standphoto © 2004 Phil Whitehouse | more info (via: Wylio)

What's up in group deals? Groupon, LiveNation are partnering for deals on event tickets. (Reuters)

What's up in luxury group deals? Luxury travel deal site Voyage Privé is partnering with Ideeli to create the largest luxury travel deal site in the US. (Travolution)

My excuse for this is that my crackberry is also my alarm clock. 35% of smartphone owners use mobile apps before they get out of bed. (PC World)

In merger news, Microsoft is buying Skype. According to Technorati, the big winner in this deal is Facebook.

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