Information Overload - Getting Noticed in a Crowded Space

It's a jungle out there.

Photo: Flickr user Casimusica.
People send 168 million emails every minute. That's a lot of information.

Email is a fantastic way to reach people with customized messaging about your latest deals, new products, and other goings-on.

But it's totally pointless if no one's reading your messages.

So here are four ways to make sure you get noticed in the overflowing inboxes of the people on your email list:

1) Customize it. Customize messages based on whether or not someone has purchased from you before, and the type of purchase - show past customers similar items by price, type or occasion. Give new customers a reason to try your product.

2) Tell your story. Use user-generated reviews and videos to tell the story of your product. Or put together some rich content - like videos and other how-tos to bring your business to life for your users.

3) Use a great subject line. Subject lines tell readers why they should open their emails. Is there a special deal just for them? More of what they like? A new video or blog? Give them a good reason to open and click through.

4) Be relevant. Use data customers give you about their interests and preferences to provide relevant information. Track trends and time your promotions accordingly. Don't sell skis in June, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Need help cutting through the clutter? Drop me a line and let's talk about it.

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