Commercials I Love - Super Bowl Edition

I don't know about you, but I mostly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. This year's game was full of funny, creative and entertaining commercials, as well as the usual lowest-common denominator beer and sexism (please GoDaddy, try something new - we dare you).

Themes this year included dogs and cars. It was definitely a year for a resurgent Detroit, with Chevy especially making a significant investment in their campaign.

So based on a super-scientific focus group including my neighbors, family, and friends, here's a few of the more notable ads this year:

From GEICO:  a group of disgusted junior high girls helps a guy save money on his weight loss plan. Funny and to the point. Consistent with GEICO's branding.

Then, a great dane uses Doritios to bribe a guy to cover up a cat murder. Another one of Doritos' consistently edgy and humorous commercials.

Finally, in this really creative ad, Toyota has not just reinvented the Camry, it's reinvented the couch, police officer, baby, the DMV, blender, curtains, and finally the reinvented rain, which makes you thinner. Bring that on!

What were your favorite ads? Please share. Now, on to the Puppy Bowl!

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