How Can You Help Your Customers Today?

The most innovative businesses don't just sell their products, they educate their communities.


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Run a winery? Consider videos on how to select, pour, and keep wine fresh, plus recipes on what to serve it with.

Sell scarves? Try a video on how to wrap them around necks, shoulders, hips, and heads. The more your community is able to use your product, the more they will buy.

Make tools? Videos on how to use them to fix everyday problems help new Mr. and Ms. FixIts be more successful.

You'll notice that I've just used the word "video" three times in the last three paragraphs. Videos are a great way to introduce people to what you do and add sharable content to your website, Facebook, email, and other online channels.

Some suggestions for getting started: 

If you're too shy, find an outgoing person at your company who isn't.

Begin with short videos - just one to three minutes - that demonstrate the kinds of things I'm talking about above - how to use your product in innovative ways your customers haven't thought of so that they can get the most value for their investment.

Be honest and authentic. Use your own people and your own products.

You don't need fancy sets or fancy technology - just good light and a decent camera.

For more interest, you can make videos with multiple people and also use them to respond to common customer questions and requests.

Show me your how-tos - please send me your links so I can check out what you're doing!

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