How to Raise Your Level of Social Media Engagement

...or, Social Media, You're Doing it Wrong

There are a lot of social media skeptics out there - people who say that networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest are a big waste of valuable time. Common curmudgeonly statements include:

Social media isn't just about cats, it's about engagement on many levels.
Gratuitous cat. Photo: L. Ibraheem
  • "It's all about kittens and what people ate for lunch"
  • "It's all women planning fairytale weddings and picking out nail polish."
  • "It's just young dudes playing video games and sharing some kind of code."
  • "My mom/grandpa/auntie uses it to get photos of the kids. "
  • "It's not for business."

I think they're missing the point. It's true that people do all of these things with social media, but

They do a lot more.


  • Sharing and supporting meaningful social causes.
  • Watching video how-to's
  • Inviting friends and family to send caring messages to a loved one with cancer.
  • Creating and sharing original art.
  • Getting in touch with experts about sticky business problems.
  • Finding jobs and employees.
  • Discussing the news of the day, and new developments in almost any field.
  • Learning about subjects that interest them.
  • Just keeping in touch with friends.
So, if you're finding that people aren't really engaging with you on social media,

Can you help them do any of the things I just listed above?

I bet you can. If you're not sure how, drop me a line. I can help.

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