Your 2012 Strategy: Four People You Need in Your Network This Year

It's easier to meet your goals if you don't go it alone. Now that you have your 2012 plan put together, you've got to get your network together. Here's who you're going to need the year:

Twitter Network. Image: Sue Waters.
Your champion: Someone who may be able to offer funding and resources, and more importantly, open doors and make connections to get you the resources you need to move forward.

Your superintendent: Someone who can see the roadblocks ahead and keep you on track. A person who will make sure your marketing plan turns into actual marketing.

Your Jedi master: A big picture person who can help you see where you fit into the grand scheme of things and who has an instinct for future trends, needs, and happenings.

Your wingman/wingwoman: Someone who is always there to bring you hope when you feel discouraged. Someone who believes in you when the chips are down and who can convince you to dust yourself off and try it all one more time.

The good news: You already have these people in your life - you just need to identify them. Make sure you talk to them regularly - some leaders even get their entire brain trust together regularly to stay on track.

Who do you go to for advice, encouragement, or a reality check?

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