I'm Taking a Break and Blogging Over Here Now

It's been great sharing marketing ideas and know-how with you on this blog for the last 159 posts or so.

I need a break from writing about marketing, so now it's time to try something new for a while.

I've been an avid gardener for years now, and this fall, we're installing a greenhouse right in the back yard. We'll be growing vegetables and we're hoping to have some fresh produce to feed us into the winter.

Please join me over on Tito's Greenhouse, where we'll be sharing the ups and downs of building the greenhouse, laying out the beds, putting in the plants, and hopefully getting some vegetables and fruit out of the whole experience.

Thanks for reading this blog, and for all of your great questions and comments. Look forward to seeing you over on the Greenhouse.

I'll be back here sometime soon, maybe once the tomatoes are in....

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